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University Hospitals Fights Cancer with the Power of Protons

September 26, 2016

MDNews, September/October 2016


September 12, 2016

New Supportive & Integrative Oncology Program at UH wants all hands on deck
Innovations in Cancer - Summer 2016

Gund-Harrington Scholar Award Competition Now Open

August 24, 2016

Application Deadline - October 14, 2016

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Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Professionalism

Thomas A. Atchison, EdD, discusses his topic in "Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Professionalism."

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Prostate Brachytherapy and SpaceOAR® Injection Procedure

Rodney Ellis, MD, is the first radiation oncologist in the US to use the newly approved SpaceOAR® device. The device reduces rectal radiation in prostate cancer patients.

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Controversies in Cardiology: PARADIGM-HF Trial: A New "Wonder Drug"?

Guilherme Oliveira, MD, and Daniel I. Simon, MD, discuss the results of the PARADIGM-HF study evaluating LCZ696 for patients with heart failure and implications for clinical practice.

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Public Health Research That Informs the Well-being of Young People

Joseph R. Calabrese, MD, examines how mental disorders typically present in children and young adults, the trajectories of the childhood behavior and pervasive developmental disorders and the impact on overall health and life expectancy.

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Epilepsy Surgery Case Study: Multiple Hippocampal Transection

Samden Lhatoo, MD, FRCP, Jonathan Miller, MD, and Hans Luders, MD, PhD, discuss the epilepsy surgery case of patient Gayle Waxon.

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